Trojan Trailers


Trojan Trailers understands tradies. We know what tradies requirements are for trailers. That is why we have tailored designed and tested a Tradesman Trailer to suit all Tradies needs and wants. No matter whether you are a Plumber, Painter, Carpenter or Concreter our design suits all!

Features for Tradies:

Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised: We know that painted trailers don’t last. They rust in next to “no time”. That why all our Tradesman Trailers are Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised.

Lockable Doors:  At Trojan Trailer we know how much money tradies spend on their tools and rely on them, that is why we make a safe secure home for them.

Internal Shelves: We have 3 Internal Shelves so tradies can easily store and find their equipment.

High Opening doors: Our doors open higher than most tradesman trailers. Because we know that you don’t want to “bend over” to get something from your trailer.

Ladder Rack: We know that most tradies need to carry big bulky necessities like ladders, pipping, planks of timber etc. That is why all our Tradesman Trailers have ladder racks.

We believe that we build the toughest Tradesman Trailers that are the most practical in the market. So call us today to buy your new tradesman trailer. After all, we are the trailer company that the ‘tradies choose!’

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