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Trojan Trailers is well renowned for its quality Hydraulic Tipping Trailers.  It’s one of our best-selling trailers. With years of research and dedication, we have perfected the Hydraulic Tipping Trailer with a mixture of latest designs and durability.

Here are a few reasons why we are renowned for our Hydraulic Tipping Trailer.

Discount Prices: Our Tipping trailers are some of the Cheapest on the market. When buying a Hydraulic Tipping Trailer from Trojan Trailers you are getting Fantastic Value for money.

 Remote controlled tipping system.  When designing our Hydraulic Tipping Trailer we thought about customer needs and wants. That is why our ALL Tipping Trailers come with a remote controlled tipping system.  With a simple click of a button you can power your hydraulic RAM to tip your trailer up! Marvellous!

Optional Ramps that have Underdeck Storage. When buying a trailer you want it to be versatile, able to suit a wide variety purposes. That is why with all Hydraulic Tipping Trailers we offer Under-deck Ramps for just $399. Using the ramps the trailer can then be used as a plant or car trailer carrying plant equipment, cars etc.

So get your tipping trailer today.  They are just so handy, especially transporting building materials, such as sand, from one location to another, a tipper trailer will allow you to “tip off” your delivery in a fraction of the time it would take to remove it manually. Click Here to Look at our Range of Tipping Trailers.

Trojan Trailers is committed to providing the very best customer service experience. Our sales team is knowledgeable and available to answer any of your questions. We know exactly how to deal with our customers′ requirements.

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